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Per-multiple-instance parameter values

One of the ways we scale StreamBase applications is to have multiple, usually concurrent, instances of a module that connect to some external thing. Connection properties, however, are almost always deployment-environment specific and thus appear ...
over 6 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 Future Consideration

Enabling multiple installations for same major version of TIBCO streaming

Dear Team, We are dealing in services and have limitations over multiple machines for different clients. our few clients are working using 10.6.1 in their production and few will use 10.6.2 going ahead. We could have proposed 10.6.1 only to have s...
over 2 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 2 Unlikely to implement

We should be able to configure heap size for system process

Currently we can configure the heap size only for the node process we are deploying. But we observed that ,there is a system process running along with this and it's default heap size is always 2.1 GB. We can't configure it's size to a low level. ...
almost 3 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 Already exists

Improve JDBC Query operators and Data constructs

Query JDBC operator should behave/look as close as it could to "In memory tables". One case is the one stated in "SB-44976 JDBC Query Op Output Settings cannot use aggregate expressions" . Another would be that for an In Memory table we can define...
over 5 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 Unlikely to implement

ContentType support for LiveAlert Mail

As mail alerting is an importance touch point towards business users, this has to support possible mail encodings, but today only "us-ascii" is hard coded.
almost 3 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 1 Future Consideration

Ability to control the capture strategy on all adaptors and operators

Currently, most of the adaptors and operators have a capture strategy set to "FLATTERN". It would be good to be able to configure the capture strategy to all "FLATTERN" or "NEST", or make a sbd conf properties to set this value globally.
about 6 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 1 Future Consideration

Please add support for OpenTelemetry into Streambase

Please add the ability to easily add opentelemetry to TibcoStreambase applications so that we can track the performance of our streambase applications at the operator level. For instance if there is an adapter, map operator and an output adapter w...
over 3 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 Planning to implement

Enable column sorting in schema and output stream

I am using streambase v7.6.6 In a named schema or table schema, I can't sort the fields by name, which could be handy when I compare a schema with a stream in streambase. I need to do this quite often, e.g. when I need to write into a data table, ...
almost 7 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 1 Already exists

Point and Drag Mapping

When creating the Output of an operator in the properties view, offer a mapping tool to drag functions, input fields, etc to fill in code or expressions. For example: in a map's Output Settings view, I can select the Streams > Input > input1...
almost 7 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 2 Future Consideration

Certificate Tibco Streaming without Oracle Rac Version

From official documentation Tibco Streaming does not support Oracle Rac versions. Speaking with the support the technicians have stated that it could work with the current JDBC drivers even if not explicit in the documentation. Why not certify thi...
over 3 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 Planning to implement