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Created on Jul 12, 2017

Enable column sorting in schema and output stream

I am using streambase v7.6.6

In a named schema or table schema, I can't sort the fields by name, which could be handy when I compare a schema with a stream in streambase. I need to do this quite often, e.g. when I need to write into a data table, I want to ensure I am writing enough fields into the schema.

Now I need to do the comparison outside of streambase.

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  • Guest
    Jul 18, 2017

    There is a feature which should help with this. Please see the Help page:
    TIBCO StreamBase Documentation > Authoring Guide > Difference Comparisons > Comparing Schemas

    Please select the stream with the error associated with it and check in the top line of the StreamBase Properties view for a link called "Compare Schemas". This brings up a differences view which should be exactly what you need. This presents the schemas side-by-side with differences highlighted.