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Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 27, 2018

Improve JDBC Query operators and Data constructs

  1. Query JDBC operator should behave/look as close as it could to "In memory tables". One case is the one stated in "SB-44976 JDBC Query Op Output Settings cannot use aggregate expressions" . Another would be that for an In Memory table we can define the datasource in the calling module, and then just connect the submodule to the data source in the calling module. With a JDBC one we can’t do that. We are forced to define the Data source explicitly on every data operator. Obviosuly, is not a big issue because we just need to put the same datasource name in different data operators, and that would be it. But from the clarity of code perspective, imagine that you have 2 submodules intanstiated in another module. These 2 submodules have a query against the same datasource. With in memory tables, that would mean a data operator in the top module, that will be connected to each of the submodules. That way we see in one sight that both submodules are connecting to the same datasource. With JDBC we miss this feature.
  2. I opened a ticket with Jim the other day regarding jdbc queries. My suggestion would be to add some flexibility to the JDBC query operator. At the moment the query itself can’t be fully dynamic. We need to state the SELECT … FROM … ORDER BY… ASC/DESC … GROUP BY… hardcoded in the query operator. If we want to be flexible with this, it becomes unusable. The case I wanted to implement was a paginated query against oracle. From an input stream we get Page number & Page size + Order by field(s) + Asc / Desc.  It’s not possible to define such a query with just one query operator. For example, if we need some query to be sorted ASC, then we would need an operator just to have the ASC hardcoded and one with the DESC hardcoded. If we need to sort by an undefined number of fields, we would need  1(operator just for each combination of fields)*2(operators ASC and DESC). It becomes juts impossible to do with query operators.
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