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Status Implemented
Product Spotfire
Categories Automation Services
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 23, 2017
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit SPF-I-4660 Scheduler in Automation Services.

Schedule Automation Service using "Schedule and Routing" rather than Windows Tasks (for instance for an SBDF export) Merged

From an end-user point of view, scheduling an analysis, or re-pulling a new SBDF file using an Automation Service belong to the same objective: schedule fresh data. 

It would be nice to have an extra scheduling option, to run an Automation Service in general, for instance to refresh an SBDF file once in a while.

I understand scheduling an analysis and scheduling a file export are different concepts... but they kind of fit together from an end-user experience...

Implemented in 10.0