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Product Spotfire
Categories Visualization
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 8, 2018

Dashboard to get automatically resized based on end users screen resolution

Dashboard build using 'fit to window' option should get automatically resized based on end users screen resolution. Issue is we get unnecessary scroll bars on text area and other visualization page and disturbs the alignment.

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  • Guest
    Mar 8, 2018

    Hi Niklas,

    Yes. What we want is to don't get unnecessary scrolls on text area, KPI charts etc. I think in case of KPI chart, it should automatically scale its width and height based on new screen resolution so that it should not bring scrolls.

    Same is the case of textarea when we used image. 

    Attached screenshot of dashboard for reference.

  • Admin
    Niklas Amberntsson
    Mar 8, 2018

    Ankit - Spotfire dashboards do resize as you describe. However, for som visualizaiton types such as KPIcharts and tables, this may mean that they have to little space to show all their contents, and thus they resort to scrollbars. Would it be more accurate to say that you would like to force a KPI cart not to have scrollbars? That would of course have its own issues, should it scale the contents by zooming out, or how should a KPI chart behave when it cant fit its contents?