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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Bookmarks
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 18, 2019

Allow bookmarks to be referenced by any document property (dropdown, listbox), improve layout flexibility

Currently (to my knowledge) it is not possible to reference a bookmark in all document properties, for example a list box or drop down.

It is also not possible to close a visualisation and have the bookmark remember the previous state, the software returns an error.

Bookmarks could be used to set various page configurations based on what the user is interested in (i.e. make some graphs bigger/smaller/hidden depending on what a user selects in a document property). This can partially be done now, but you still have to leave the visualisations you're NOT interested in on the page or the bookmark will fail.

The implication is that:

- Screen real estate is wasted or things are more cluttered than they should be

-   Some users get around this by changing the size of the page so that you scroll down instead of compromising on the size of certain visualisations-not elegant

-other users will just add extra pages to the analysis. Also not elegant

-More advanced users may resort to IronPython Layout definition API which is a real pain. The bookmark functionality is really not used to it's full potential here. Users could in theory store an entire analysis on 1 page and only call what is required by using a document property, as with everything else in Spotfire!

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