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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Installation
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 22, 2021

allow to configure multiple public addresses for a single spotfire server

From 11.4LTS, public address must(almost) be idential to the server url specified in Analyst's login dialog.

We had a issue with connecting to TSS from Analyst within the server PC.

Our TSS is deployed in an AWS EC2 instance, and is made publicly available to the internet through AWS Load Balance(+SSL), so public address must be set to "https://our-tss-server", be noted that TSS is NOT configured with HTTPS because LB provided that already.

In this case analyst inside EC2(TSS server) can not login to TSS when LB is offline (https://our-tss-server is not accessible), we have to take it offline during TSS upgrade process(10.10->11.4) to avoid end users' access.

So Analyst inside TSS server can not login with specifying https://our-tss-server or http://our-tss-server or http://localhost in the login dialog, because public address(https://our-tss-server) is not accessible.

Putting "[internal ip] our-tss-server" into hosts file doesn't workaround this either because TSS is NOT configured with HTTPS so public address(https://our-tss-server) is still not accessible.

Please allow to configure multiple public addresses for a single TSS server, for example to our use case, one is for external access( https://our-tss-server), the other is for internal access (http://localhost).


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