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Product Spotfire
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Created on Aug 2, 2022

Run all Spotfire service on Rocky Linux

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  • Admin
    Miguel Díez
    Jan 17, 2024

    Hi JP,

    An astonishing majority of the official container images, from software vendors, Docker hub or open source projects like the ones in the CNCF landscape, are using Debian/Ubuntu/Alpine base images, or built from scratch.

    Most of the time, customers consume official images directly from the vendor, in whichever the base image distro the vendor provides. That is one of the main points of using containers, that you do not really need to focus on the OS, since you do not really have a full OS/distro running, just some base tools and libraries from a distro that are required by the contained application.

    As an example, Microsoft provides instructions for deploying .NET 6 on several OS. However, Microsoft publishes their .NET 6.0 official container images only for Debian, Ubuntu and Alpine Linux distributions.

    In a similar way, Spotfire provides installation packages and instructions for several OS. And Spotfire publishes the container image recipes only for Debian.

    We are following Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, and other distros that are trying to fill the old CentOS positioning. We have observed very little traction in the community, cloud providers and other companies. On the other hand, we have observed an increase of Debian/Ubuntu family usage.

    The Debian/Ubuntu distributions are stable, secure, and widely used for production.

    1. Is there any particular reason why you would consider Rocky Linux a better alternative than Debian (or other distros in general)?

    2. Are you going to modify (or request) all the container images from other vendors/projects to also use Rocky Linux (instead of their default base images)?