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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 9, 2023

Allow grouping of TERR/Python nodes using resource pools like the WebPlayer nodes

Routes allow administrators to very easily assign users/groups to specific WebPlayer instances using resource pools. Unfortunately this mechanism is not available to TERR or Python nodes.

It makes complicated to try to split resources based on groups, because at some point all the users will be reusing the same TERR nodes. To add to this, at this moment TERR/Python nodes require you to select a deployment area, potentially different for each node. Or it could be that you have some nodes with special hardware (e.g. GPU to run inference) but not others, and you want your data function to execute there. Currently, when running a data function it's impossible to know beforehand whether the node receiving your analytics is the correct one.

In summary, this idea proposal is to extend the analytics nodes to support resource pools so administrators have more control on where the data functions are running.

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