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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Installation
Created by Guest
Created on May 23, 2024

Change backend version of packages to match the dxp version imported

The current behavior is when you import and save a dxp package; say the spotfire client dxp. it adds/updates all the sub components to some random updating verison number.

For example; spotfire client 14.3.0 hf-001 says the automation service version updates to 65.0.19606.2975. this numbering doesn't match anything with the 14.3 release number. why? Change this version numbering of the packages to match the numbering of the dxp package loaded; or

i have had to work with support many times and the versioning of the sub packages has to be looked up by support to confirm in some instances whether it was updated properly and if its from the dxp package imported. this is dumb. this whole package viewer should be easier to read and understand for admins and support

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