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Structural engineerings format

Engineers use many large and small numbers on the same time. This related to the fact tact many formulas are like x=1/y. Second we use numbers in ranges of 1000 (1k) Exponential number like 1e-7 are difficult to understand. Please add the engin...
about 6 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 5 Implemented

Configurable proxy settings for Python Tools / take proxy settings from IE options.

Problem: Currently, Python Tools just does ignore system-wide proxy settings. (while other Spotfire client components take proxy settings from IE) In our environment, internet is not reachable directly, only via proxy. Therefore, by default, pytho...
over 3 years ago in Spotfire / Data Functions 2 Implemented

Export to Excel, from the web client, to uphold formatting as table coloring rules and more.

When choosing Export (with formatting) within the Web Player, it currently exports to a bare-bone *csv file. This export will include the value formatting of the Cross Table, or the Column Properties, but nothing more. The customer here would like...
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Export 4 Implemented

Add ISOWEEK function to Spotfire

Spotfire does not currently support translating dates to ISO (8601) week numbers. The WEEK([date]) function is based on Windows location settings and does not match with ISO weeknums. Other programs (e.g. Excel) have separate build-in functions ...
about 5 years ago in Spotfire / Custom Expressions 5 Implemented

add fetchsize to dataconnection

Please add a parameter for fetchsize to dataconnections similar to information links We are experiencing massive slowdowns with the default connection fetchsize but would like to keep the flexibility of dataconnections.
over 1 year ago in Spotfire / Data Access 0 Implemented

Compress SBDF files in the Spotfire Library and while in transmission

The ability to compress SBDF files should improve performance when working with SBDF files. One could more easily store the SBDF files in the Spotfire Library. One should get better performance when using the compressed SBDF files since the compre...
almost 8 years ago in Spotfire / Library 10 Implemented

Email exported PDF or Excel file as an attachment through Automation Services.

Export a PDF or Excel file and attach them to Email using automation services.
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 3 Implemented

Vertical Line Chart

This is one I have struggled with for a while now. The line chart is set up such that the horizontal axis is the "independent variable" axis, and the vertical axis is the "dependent variable(s)" axis. Under most ordinary circumstances this is fine...
over 7 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 9 Implemented

3D Scatter Plot in the Web Client

Create a 3D Scatter Plot that is supported in the WebPlayer.
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 5 Implemented

Generate a distributable file (.sdn) containing other product distributables (.sdn)

We have several products, each one has a distributable file (.sdn) generated with the package builder including spk files. We want to generate a bundle including several of these products. it could be a good feature, to generate a new distributabl...
about 1 year ago in Spotfire / Actions 0 Implemented