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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Maps Visualization
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 28, 2016

Make width of line connection in scatter plot and map chart dependent on data

We would like to be able to make the width of the line connection configurable, dependent on the underlying data.

For example, you ship goods from Amsterdam to both London and Berlin, however, you ship twice as much to London as you do to Berlin. You would then set the line connection width to be on the row count or average shipping size, to make the line from Amsterdam to London twice as big as the line between Amsterdam and Berlin.

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  • Guest
    Nov 30, 2023

    The addition of a 'width-by' feature would be hugely valuable in any visualization where lines or line connections are available (line chart, scatter plot with line connections, map layer with line connections, etc.). This feature would essentially be the equivalent to the 'size-by' feature that is available in marker-based visualizations such as Scatter plots and Map marker-layers, except applied to line-based visualizations. The reasons/situations why anybody would use the 'size-by' feature in marker-based visualizations are the same reasons why a 'width-by' feature is needed in line-based visualizations.

    Use case:

    • A line chart showing lines of varying widths would allow for the ability to better highlight data of interest with thicker lines while keeping thinner-line data available, but in the background.

    How it would work:

    • In Line Charts:

      • Line thickness could be limited to one thickness per line using an aggregation on all data associated with that line. This feature would be found under the 'Line By' settings page within a plot's visualization properties.

      • Better yet, line thickness could vary between each datapoint. This would likely require its own settings page within a plot's visualization properties. Or the 'Line By' page could be renamed to 'Line' and the 'line-by' setting and 'width-by' setting could be found here.

    • In other charts/plots

      • Line thickness could be controlled similarly as described for Line Charts, but applied to 'Line Connections'

    Over my many years with spotfire, I have frequently run into the need/want to vary a line's width using a column property.

  • Guest
    May 19, 2021

    The same should be available in line charts - and exposed via API.

  • Guest
    Dec 3, 2018



    any one has any thoughts about the idea above?

  • Guest
    Nov 14, 2018



    I have a similar idea that I would like to make the line connection width with regards to the amount.


    I have attached a sample of what I currently have.


    Alternatively is it possible may be to show only the "Labels" for the highest value only ?


    Your suggestions/ideas shall be highly appreciated.


    Thank you


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