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Created on Apr 6, 2020

Request to have smoothed transparent shading of confidence intervals for GLM mean boxplot graph

Request to plot the confidence intervals for mean graph generated from GLM, with smoothed transparent shades around the mean line. It appears that "Plotting a shaded area around the lines is now standard in scientific publications".

Having this graphic option would make Statistica more competitive.

Currently it is not possible in Statistica to generate smoothed transparent shades for means boxplot from GLM:

  1. if use "Columns" type for confidence intervals, columns are ending in steps, so the edges of the confidence interval do not look smooth

  2. If add "Inner border" line to smooth the edges of the confidence intervals, but the curve line is not transparent, so it masks what is under it.

  3. If use "Whiskers" to represent the confidence interval, there are white spaces in between the whisker, so the effect for the confidence interval is not that one of a shaded area around the mean line.

Please see attached graph to understand above.

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