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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 18, 2016

Be able to direct an RinR function to a centrally manager R server

Currently if you use local TERR and want to utilize an R script, you can do so using an RinR script. However that script requires a local R engine - you either:

  1. Set R engine connection in script – explicit and good for just the script execution
  2. Modify local config file – explicit and persistant across sessions – when RinR called, R engine found.
  3. Place R engine in PATH environment variable – if function not found in TERR, will find it on PATH

Each of these expect a locally managed R engine.

If the RinR script is run from a server based TSSS-TERR, the R engine needs to be locally installed on that server.


This is a request to allow redirection to a different TSSS-R server - to enable both package governance and multi-node performance optimization from both local and TSS_TERR using RinR.

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