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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 14, 2017

Ability to create scheduled updates within analytics folders in Web Player

We would like to see the ability for web player users to be able to setup scheduled updates for DXP files they have the security to view. It would need a new license right in web player such as 'schedule from analytics folder'. I would also like them to be able to refresh the RAM cache of a report they also have rights to see again via some new right such as 'refresh cache from analytics folder'.

You already give users the ability to click the three dots to the right of each report they can see and perform several tasks so it would make sense to add these two additional items in that drop down subject to the user having the new licenses defined above.

Our admin team are spending a lot of time answering these non value added requests that if the above was added to the product the developers/users themselves could take care of.

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  • Guest
    Jul 17, 2017

    This is an interesting idea but I think it falls into the "solutionize" category. In general it's much better to detail your requirement clearly and say what are you trying to achieve rather than mixing this on how you think it should be implemented, although pointers to how to expect to interact with a new feature could be useful for a product manager. We have experienced similar requirement in our company, basically the need to give certain users, typically Prod support, the capability of refreshing scheduled updates without making them administrators of the Production environment which is not allowed by our internal policy (only specific generic accounts should be administrators which are then used and controlled very tightly). This requirement can be implemented by using the Web Services APIs that refresh scheduled updates and creating your own application that can control who can do what. Of course it will be nicer to have a solution to permission this as part of the product but it's not something you couldn't code around it. In general Product Managers tend to focus on features that can't be implemented in any other way or require significant work arounds. This one is one you can implement yourself to perfectly suit your needs in a reasonable time frame. 


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