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Status Implemented
Product Spotfire
Categories Data Access
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 9, 2017

Allow to specify username and password when connecting through Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Microsoft Excel allows users to connect to SSAS cubes either with Windows Authentication or manually enter a username and password.


Spotfire right now defaults to use the Windows log in credentials.


We have cubes that have a separate security measure that don't rely on Windows log in credentials.

Because Spotfire defaults to only use Windows login for accessing SSAS cubes, this enforces a strict requirement to either setup security on the SSAS server side to be the windows log in or all the users or essentially disable the authentication on the server side.


If Spotfire allowed login credentials other than the windows log in, then existing SSAS servers who already implement their own security configuration can use Spotfire as a front-end.


The current design also limits what Operating Systems can be used as UNIX based machines don't use Windows Integrated Authentication.

If users were running a ubuntu machine, they would not be able to connect.

Implemented in 7.14
    Sep 14, 2018

    With Spotfire 7.14 you can login to SSAS using username and password.

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