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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Mods
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 5, 2021

MODS (API 1.2) needs zoom bars as a built-in

Zoom bars are available for all core visualizations, and should therefore also be available for Mods, in keeping with the goal for the same look-and-feel as core. This is an expectation from users. With the large universe of potential new custom Mods visualizations, one cannot predict the amount of screen space needed, so having a single and consistent way to pan and zoom within a visualization is essential. Otherwise, each individual mod will have to implement their own pan-zoom, which may interfere with marking and selecting (overloading direct manipulation operations with additional keypress modifications), thereby complicating the interactions with mods. Mod designers should not have to worry about pan and zoom - they should be available for us, if needed.


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  • Admin
    Magnus Rylander
    Sep 17, 2021

    Zoom sliders for Mods are not currently available OOTB / through the API, but an example implementation can be found in the recently published Gantt chart mod:

  • Guest
    Aug 5, 2021

    Maybe there is a need of best practices for mods development oriented on the existing visualization capabilities (text orientation, label orientation, zoom slider). Users will not make a difference between Spotfire visualizations and visualizations added from mods. They will report broken functionality for the product.