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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories User Experience
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 12, 2024

global setting to configure Analyst temp location

Customer is asking for a global setting to configure Analyst temp location.

Many end users connect to shared server via RDP to utilize Spotfire but each user is limited to 10GB of personal folder.

By default Spotfire temp files are saved to personal folder so it could hit the limit very soon.

Currently the only way to change temp location is by editing configuration file Spotfire.Dxp.Main.dll.config and put in below part.

<setting name="TempFolder" serializeAs="String">

Each end user must do this manually and repeatedly do this after each analyst upgrade & hotfix.

Please add capability to configure this more easily, e.g. via preferences etc.

Also it would be more user friendly if the configured path can recgonize environment variable, e.g. USERNAME so that each user can use his own folder.

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