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Product Spotfire
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Created by Guest
Created on May 25, 2020

Include script for Spotfire Analyst installation to re-direct installing components

We are having problems installing Spotfire Analyst in Citrix for remote deployment across a company.

The issue is that when Spotfire Analyst launches for a user for the first time, there is always an "update" that occurs to install components for the Analyst. When launching from Citrix, this "update" tries to install these onto the users' AppData folder in their Citrix profile. However, when the Spotfire Analyst Citrix application is virtualized and deployed as read-only (as it must per company policy), the user will not be able to run the "update" and thus be unable to use Spotfire. Additionally, if users launch Spotfire from their App-V package on their local workstation, they cannot use the installed components from Citrix because their local profile is in a different location than their Citrix profile.

It would be helpful if TIBCO had a pre-made solution for this, such as including a pre-launch script in the Spotfire installation files that can re-direct where these components are installed and read from these various locations.

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  • Guest
    Aug 11, 2020

    Does it work for you to run analyst with the /noupdates command line argument?

    That will bypass the upgrade check and you will need to distribute future hotfixes or upgrades manually (as a complete modules folder).

  • Guest
    May 26, 2020

    Have you looked at the Portable Client? Ask Tibco Support.