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See summary of IsValid ColumnProperty for all tables

The IsValid column in Column Properties is incredibly useful. However, it would be nice to be able to see this for the entire DXP. I find that I use this feature most in large (i.e. lots and lots of tables) projects, which means that I have to go ...
almost 6 years ago in Spotfire / Data Management 0 Will not implement

Oracle Data Connection - Limit available tables in database to user defined schema/object names

Even with a low privilege database user, objects in PUBLIC schema are still visible. The ability to limit the visibility of specific schema, and to limit the objects visible by name (pattern matching) would be useful
almost 6 years ago in Spotfire / Data Access 1 Will not implement

PassThrough enabled on ALL adaptors and operators

In a lot of case there is a need to have to ability to pass through some fields. Not all the adaptors and operators have this capability.
about 6 years ago in Spotfire Streaming 0 Will not implement

Spotfire Query Banding

There is a query banding option if we try to connect to Teradata using ODBC connection. But for other connections like JDBC or any other ODBC (except Teradata) there's no option for query banding. Query bands can be used to improve performance. It...
about 6 years ago in Spotfire / Data Access 1 Will not implement

embedding (eg:-google) in spotfire 7.9 version

no longer able to get the webplayer to display Google's home page by editing the address in webplayer to the web page (formerly collaboration panel) feature works in Spotfire Why not in Spotfire 7.9? We hav...
about 6 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 1 Will not implement

Need to click 2x on the button

Problem was reported to Technical Support (Perkin Elmer): Case# [00452391. They suggested to write about this enhancement via this portal. Standard button functionality requires double click by user when using search function. Search button is s...
about 6 years ago in Spotfire 1 Will not implement

Spotfire server 'impersonate' connection to Cisco Information Server

Spotfire service account - Enabled with Authentication 'constrained' delegation with Kerberos.If I open Spotfire webplayer application, then Spotfire recognize me as ', and then connect to CIS as '' instea...
about 6 years ago in Spotfire 0 Will not implement

Ability to share library folder for import export in clustered environment

Right now if we have clustered environment for spotfire and if you click on import/export option in library admin active servers folder is visible. If we are not using a shared folder or drive we cannot see folder of other servers. It should be po...
over 6 years ago in Spotfire / Library 5 Will not implement

Trellis Card Visualisation: Add Labels to Bar Chart

Allow Labels to be defined for the Bar Chart in the Trellis Card Visualisation (as can already be done with the individual Bar Chart Visualisation).
over 6 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 3 Will not implement

Ability to pass analysis Title along with SQL to Oracle, e.g. as a comment

In order to help identify problem queries in Oracle, we'd like to pass the title of the dxp (or name of Information Link) as part of the SQL. We are able to do this with other reporting tools by using built-in system variables for Userid and repor...
over 6 years ago in Spotfire / Data Access / Information Services 1 Will not implement