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Increase Zooming details

Currently, the zooming ability in maps of Spotfire is not sufficient : we have 1 point per square meter. We would like to be able to zoom further to separate those points.
4 months ago in Spotfire / Maps 0 Future Consideration

Mods trusted in Spotfire server should be trusted in Web players automatically

Mods trusted in Spotfire server should be trusted in Web players automatically. As of now Spotfire web client is checking the mods certificate though its trusted via adding Mods cert as trusted certificate in Spotfire server and trying to connect ...
about 2 years ago in Spotfire / Mods 0 Future Consideration
244 VOTE

Background images in visualizations

Authors would like to add watermarks or other background images to visualization to signal ownership, ensure that exported tables and visualizations are not changed, indicate that a visualization is still being drafted or just to provide a pleasin...
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 7 Future Consideration
198 VOTE

Export to PPT from automation services.

Add export from PPT in automation services. Just like PDF option.
almost 7 years ago in Spotfire / Automation Services 2 Future Consideration

Please add APis to retrieve metadata like connection string of data source and other information of data source

CUrrently, we have usecase for data catalog to retrieve information of a dashboard like the data tables used, data sources relevant and the connect info. But we do not see the DXP having this info and there are no underlying APIs to extract such m...
3 months ago in Spotfire / API 0 Future Consideration

GUI interface for OVER expressions

OVER expressions are extremely powerful since they can achieve the same slicing and dicing of data which you can achieve using pivot transformations but in are more interactive way operating on subsets of data tables. At the same time most users w...
4 months ago in Spotfire / Custom Expressions 0 Future Consideration

To monitor end-to-end dashboard user behavior.

Why it is useful? Doing so makes it possible to identify important dashboards/pages from a dashboard. End-to-end means capturing which tab/page is most used in a dashboard so that less used/unused pages can be deleted. How many clicks, users a...
almost 2 years ago in Spotfire / Library 4 Future Consideration

Add access to user's jwt token in Spotfire API

When using oAuth2/OIDC for authentication it would be great to have access to the user's jwt token in the API to make use of it in e.g. a custom data source or an IP script to authenticate the user in other systems with the same token (e.g. via an...
over 2 years ago in Spotfire / API 3 Likely to implement

Connectivity with Graph Databases

Be able to connect to graph DBs like Ne04j without using data functions and to interactively query it to create network charts.
about 2 months ago in Spotfire / Data Access 0 Future Consideration

Display a message dialog box in WebPlayer

The customer requests that the message dialog box be displayed in WebPlayer. Spotfire Analyst can display the message dialog created in ironpython, but WebPlayer can't do it. They want to display a message dialog box to confirm the operation to th...
15 days ago in Spotfire 0 To be Reviewed