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Created on Oct 9, 2017

Print Multiple PDF's from a single command

I have a visualization that uses multiple fields for a variable x-axis in a histogram.  I would like the ability to issue a single command and a PDF is created for each x-axis value in the visualization.  This would save time in creating presentations for customers.

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  • Admin
    Niklas Amberntsson
    Oct 12, 2017

    Hi Robert, just to make sure I get this, you want each histogram to be its own PDF file? It is not enough to create one copy of the histogram for each x-value?

  • Guest
    Oct 9, 2017

    Hi Robert,

    MIA Solutions has the tool called "MIA Template Exporter" that allows extended exporting (ppt, html, pdf) - via creating own document templates enriched with charts/tables/properties/etc. from Spotfire + a lot of functionality in addition for automation services - like "report bursting" that exports separate document for each unique value in column or bookmarks.

    In addition to that there is "page trellising" functionality that allows to generate in one document separate/replicated page for each unique value in column.

    For more info - please contact me via

    Attached the flyer.