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Product Spotfire
Categories Visualization
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 9, 2023

Improve graph formatting

In order to use Spotfire visualization in patent applications, it would be very helpful to be able to change the color and the weight of the x- and y-axes e.g. in line graphs. Currently the axes are so light and thin that they cannot be reliably reproduced in print and would thus not meet the requirements by national patent offices all over the world.

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  • Admin
    Arnaud Varin
    Oct 12, 2023

    Thanks for this idea.
    It is possible to change the color of the visualizations axis from Visualizations > Canvas styling > Edit custom theme... > Details > Visualization scales. But it is not possible to change the weight.
    Woudl you agree if I tweak the idea title to be more specific? Something like "Customize axis weight"