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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Data Streams
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Created on Mar 28, 2024

Column selection/prompting for a Data Connection or Information Link


Data Connections and Information Links have a _prompting_ option such that users may filter the incoming data, *before* it's loaded into a .dxp. The users' selections are translated into _WHERE_ clauses in the underlying SQL query.

The above is a row-wise operation.

A similar option to prompt for column selection, such that users get to select what columns to include, for a given Data Connection/Information Link, *before* data are loaded into a .dxp.

The users column selections are translated into _SELECT <column selected>_ in the underlying SQL query.

Currently, the only option in Spotfire is to pre-select a set of columns in the Data Connection/Information Link.

Current (Inefficient) Workaround

Using Query type Procedure via Information Designer, and including it as an element in an Information Link.

The disadvantage is that users have to input the value manually, one column name at a time.

Workflow as follow:

  1. Create a Stored Procedure in SQL database.

  2. Create a Data Source in Information Designer to the database in step #1.

    1. The Stored Procedure from step #1 will be selectable as an element.

  3. Create a new Procedure element from step #2a.

    1. Configure input parameter(s) as specified in Stored Procedure.

  4. Create a new Information Link and add the Procedure element from step #3.

  5. In a new .dxp, add Information Link from step #4 as a Data Table.

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