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Created by Guest
Created on May 21, 2024

Liveview: Deleting rows via the Query method should have the option not to publish the delete through the publish path

Normally using an Alert Rule: Delete Rows Action you trim a data table size normally of old rows that are outside the zone of interest (i.e not part of any active queries/caches). However the Delete Query method triggered by the alert rule is still published through teh main data processing path. This can delay the processing of new real time data and it appears as if the data freezes for periods of time on any data visualisations through a client (spotfire). When viewing real time iOT type data the real time feed should be consistent and no be affected by table trimming.

I understand the need to publish deletes through the publish path, just in case there are active queries using this data but generally deletes/table trims are on out of range data that is no loner useful. This could be deleted directly from the table in a separate thread so not affect on real time processing of new data

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