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Hyperlink for text rows in cross table

Hi Right now only way to show hyperlinks in spotfire is through Table visualization. Many times there is a need to have the similar feature in cross table visualization, that way we we don't have to create details table visualization for just...
about 7 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 3 Future Consideration

More options for button styling

Currently the lay-out of the action control buttons in a text-area are outdated. Please add more options for styling these buttons. E.g. type of button, collor of button, shadow, animation, border, etc. Another option would be to add the possibi...
almost 8 years ago in Spotfire / Text Area 8 Future Consideration

Data models should be possible to share and reuse

Our data models are often very complex with many add rows, add columns and transformations. It would save us a lot of time if these could be reused. Maybe they can be stored as library items.
almost 6 years ago in Spotfire / Data Management 1 Future Consideration

Looking to connect AWS S3 bucket and get data from there into spotfire as a table

I had files stored in AWS S3 bucket where i have access to and looking to pull files in tabular(csv,xlsx,tsv,..) format into spotfire
almost 7 years ago in Spotfire / Data Access 9 Future Consideration

Rich text display, word wrap, auto height adjustment and support for vertical and horizontal alignment of Table header and rows in Table Visualization.

As a Spotfire Administrator user would like to see the options to achieve the following features. It would be good to know if there are any workarounds and also would like to have it as part of new enhancement in upcoming releases. Here are the di...
over 8 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 6 Future Consideration

Create Local Administrators, so that Analysts can manage access to their libraries

We would like to give Spotfire Analysts the responsibility to add users and/or user groups themselves, so they can manage their own user groups and/or library permissions. Looking at the differences of the Administrator and Analyst Licenses the pe...
almost 2 years ago in Spotfire / Library 0 Future Consideration

Need option to draw a line on a single scale in a dual scale Combo Chart

When adding a horizontal line to a combination chart with dual y-axis one line is created per scale. Need an option to create the line on a single scale only.
almost 4 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 0 Future Consideration

Progress Bar in Spotfire Analyst while executing Script

We would like to have a progress bar in Spotfire Analyst to indicate that a script is currently being executed. Currently there is no way to tell natively if a script is running in the background. We would expect this to look similar to the web pl...
over 5 years ago in Spotfire / Scripting 0 Future Consideration

Visualization as tooltip

Wouldn't it be great if - for a tooltip option - you could specify a separate visualisation to appear over the mouse pointer which is a drill down visualisation related to the item in question.
over 6 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 4 Future Consideration

Visual theme properties for individual visualizations

Hi , I am trying to implement Visual theme properties for indiviual Visulaization,Page.Could please try to implement this change that we can specify those differently for different visuals,pages.Thank you
almost 8 years ago in Spotfire / Visualization 3 Future Consideration