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Created on Aug 4, 2022

Enterprise Manager - Object Approvals

Enterprise Manager will display the most recent version of an object, but will still require a refresh in order to approve an object if it was recently modified by another user.

Currently, the system requires you to enter your username and password before telling you that a refresh is required.

The system should notify you of a required refresh when you first click the "Approve" button

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  • Admin
    Crystal Romero
    Aug 19, 2022

    Hi Sindhuja, thank you for the feedback! It is our understanding that when another user has modified an object, your ideal workflow would be:

    1. Click on the object with new changes

    2. (If logged in with approver rights) Notification of required refresh to see changes. Click “Approve”

    3. Enter your credentials to capture electronic signature

    Could you please confirm?