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Created on Jan 16, 2024

Custom orientation of labels

In the oil and gas space, horizontal wells are typically oriented north-south, lateral lengths are typically 2 miles long, and interwell spacing is typically 1/4 mile. Wells are mostly drilled from a common surface pad location (making placing labels at the surface location problematic) and are generally drilled to a fairly consistent latitude for the bottomhole landings (making placing labels at the bottomhole location problematic). Shapefiles of wellbores are utilized to visualize the directional surveys of wells. But, Spotfire only allows for placing Shapefile labels at the center of the shape (in the middle of the wellbore in my example - once again causing significant overlap). Attaching an example below. While labels can be moved for marker layers (but not for shapes / feature layers), there is no way to change the label orientation. Ideally, the label orientation could be customized to avoid all of this overlap. It would be especially useful if labels on line-based shapefiles could inherit the orientation of the line it is associated with (with some ability to adjust the offset distances). But, at a minimum, rotating labels at increments of 90 degrees would be extremely helpful. I have to think there are many applications for this (road names, county / state borders / river names / etc.). Appreciate the consideration.

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