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Status Future Consideration
Product Spotfire
Categories Maps
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 28, 2019

Customization of Labels and Zooming on Maps

Map Labels - If the user wants to place labels above data points on a map, sometimes the locations Spotfire chooses end up covering other data points or making the map look too busy.  It would be ideal to allow the user to click and drag on the labels, placing them in positions that do not interfere with other data points.

Map Zooming - It is difficult for the user to zoom in on a map to a position that communicates exactly what the user is trying to show.  For example, the user can be looking at a region in the northeast, and if the user decides to zoom in one more "step", the map may be zoomed in too far, showing only a single city.  It would be beneficial to allow the user to choose how far each "step" the zoom goes in.

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  • Guest
    Nov 22, 2019

    I have two versions of Spotfire on my machine, one old (5.5) and one current, specifically because it's not possible to move labels on marker layers 'out of the way' for e.g. exports to powerpoint or PDF.

  • Guest
    Nov 6, 2019

    The label placement is an issue, mostly because just after the improved maps were added several versions ago, you could do just as Eric describes. Click on a label and re-position it. But now in the newer version of Spotfire you cannot.