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Created on May 7, 2024

Dynamic color definition

Let me describe the following usecase from one of our HTM customers.

We have the data where there are many categories present and each category has its color used in the visuals (e.g scatterplot). Color needs to use Categorical color mode. The problem is that this color is defined at the time of definition and it is fixed no matter what you do in the definition of colors in the visual, color for one category is fixed and there is nothing to do with that (for example no matter if you have filtering enabled, etc.)

Because there are so many colors, some of them are visually close to each other. The user always wants to compare only several categories interactively (they are using filtering or marking). In case the user is interested in categories which accidentally have alike colors, the dashboard will stop helping in comparison nature of investigation.

The solution and this idea is about enabling coloring mode which will assign colors dynamically based on actual filtering or marking - so for example if I filter to 3 categories, I will have 3 same colors, no matter which categories were selected.

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  • Admin
    Arnaud Varin
    May 24, 2024

    Hello Tomas,

    In the idea description you wrote "... if I filter to 3 categories, I will have 3 same colors...". I assume you meant "I will have 3 different colors" as the goal is to make sure they can differentiate categories isn't it ?