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Created on Apr 19, 2018

File Routing and/or Deny Open for Scheduled Updates Change

We like having scheduled-updates.performance.deny-open-when-not-scheduled set to true in config.bat so that users don't try to open large cached analyses outside of their scheduled window. However, we also want to be able to route a specific file and have it have NO schedule at all, no memory cache. We have large analyses that use data connections that (I think?) cache on the web player disk, which is difficult when you have multiple web players. I want to be able to route that file to one specific player. Right now, the deny open setting conflicts with this goal, since it denies open even when no schedule exits. I would prefer the deny open setting only apply to rules that HAVE a schedule, but the current time is out of that schedule. Or alternatively you could have two different types of routing rules, one for file memory caching and one for only file routing.

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  • Guest
    Jan 29, 2019

    You can achieve this by having minimum 2 Web player services and use resource pools. 1 of your Web players should have the "scheduled-updates.performance.deny-open-when-not-scheduled" set to true and the other Web player should have it set to false. You can use different service configurations for different Web player services

    You then create a resource pool under Nodes & Services in the Administration interface, and add the Web player service(s) with "scheduled-updates.performance.deny-open-when-not-scheduled" set to false, to that resource pool.

    When you create your routing rule for the analysis file(s) you do not want to have pre-loaded, but only want to route to specific instances, you choose the resource pool created previously.


    This way you can have both. 

  • Guest
    May 8, 2018

    What you should do is to create two schedule lines, one to keep the report in the cache 7x24 with updates every 0 minutes (in effect never update) and one to update your report based on the actual report refresh schedule. That way the report will always be in the cache with whatever data was last refreshed with and you won't have to worry about users hitting the database for unwanted refreshes. See this KB article for a sample: