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Created by Guest
Created on Sep 11, 2019

Force "always new data vs. stored data" selection on save

When working with Spotfire *.dxp file cooperatively, the collaboration is very often hampered by the fact, that Spotfire tends to save *.dxp files as “linked”=”Always new data” by default. That happens in particular when:

  • Spotfire is used when started from Certara D360 (technically linked via a temporary .csv file)
  • When a second or third file is added to an existing, “embedded” analysis. Here users often anticipate, that if the file was once saved “embedded”="stored data", all other added files will be the same. The contrary is the case: the .dxp file needs to be saved with “save as” and the mode needs to be manually changed to “embedded”=”stored data” for the second file as well.

I suggest forcing the user to make a decision upon save every time (at least, if there is an option to choose). I think this would help all users a lot and prevent many  “I can not open your Spotfire”-Mails in Team discussions. If not possible by default, it would be O.K. if admins could set this option for a certain server.

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  • Guest
    Oct 4, 2019

    As I have not used Certara D360, I don't know if this applies, but according to the Spotfire documentation (

    "An Administrator may change the default data loading settings for file data sources, using preference settings. The preference settings are reached in the Administration Manager, Preferences tab, under Application > DataImportPreferences."

    The DefaultFileDataSourceSaveBehavior preference can be set to "Cached" or "Embedded", instead of "Linked".

    If I were in your situation, I would start by asking my administrator to try setting that preference (for your group, or just you) to see if that works. But again, I don't know how Certara D360 puts data into the analysis file, so I don't know if that will really solve your entire use case.