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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 17, 2019

Deploying a new deployment area to Spotfire client removes the older packages and modules

Hi Developers,

Switching to a new deployment area through Spotfire client startup removes the older packages (modules) and replaces them with the new packages into the Modules folder. This makes switching between versions not possible since every time I want to switch again to a different deployment area, I will be removing the current modules and downloading the new modules of the new deployment area to the Modules folder.

Since TIBCO support updated in the support case #01806648, and #01809612

In the Spotfire Analyst, when you connect to one deployment area, it downloads and installs different components from that deployment area under the Modules folder. Components within the deployment area are intact to their respective deployment area. So if you connect to different deployment areas having, for example, different components within it, it will download and install those components by replacing previous components in the Modules folder. This is by design and there is no setting by which you can keep the current modules and the new modules at the same time.

We need a setting or a way to keep the current modules and the new modules of the new deployment area in the Modules folder without removing?

Best Regards,

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  • Guest
    Nov 13, 2019

    Hi Miguel,

    In the shared environment, like Citrix, with many Citrix application servers, each user needs to update Spotfire modules every time he opens the Spotfire client.


    Would you please check the following support case either for more information about our use case? I cannot elaborate on everything here in the comments, please check the Case Number #01809612.
    Best Regards,







  • Admin
    Miguel Díez
    Nov 12, 2019

    Hi Ghannam,

    May I ask you what are you trying to achieve ? The Spotfire Analyst behaves like that by design in order to automate client upgrades as soon as the server has a more recent version. This significantly facilitates IT administrators work.

    If you are testing and want to switch between different client versions for different deployment areas or servers, you may install different versions in separated folders or use the portable version available from eDelivery (